Technology for Deepwater
Lee Dynamics specializes in designing offshore structures and tension leg platforms (TLPs). The company has developed a new technology, termed as FCP, for a class of novel ocean structures (NOS), such as

(1) support structures for offshore wind turbines or nuclear plants,

(2) artificial ocean islands,

(3) floating barriers to tsunamis, storms, and oil spills,

(4) ocean bridges,

(5) floating airports, and

(6) deepwater oil and gas platforms.

Lee Dynamics also offers technical consulting services in flow-induced vibration (FIV), including

(1) assessing the types of FIV, such as vortex-induced vibration (VIV), wake induced oscillation (WIO), and galloping and flutter,

(2) testing, designing and analyzing FIVs of offshore tubular, including marine risers, moorings, subsea jumpers, pipeline spans, and flowlines,

(3) developing FIV mitigation methods, such as VIV suppression, resonance avoidance, and vibration isolation

with its proprietary software RISVIC and V-Span.
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