Technology for Marine & Offshore Engineering
Consulting, Licensing, and Training
Lee Dynamics specializes in designing offshore structures and tension leg platforms (TLPs). The company has developed a patented technology, termed as FCP, for a class of novel ocean structures, such as (1)support structures for offshore wind turbines, nuclear plants or marine risers, (2) artificial ocean islands, (3) floating barriers to tsunamis, storms, and oil spills, (4) ocean bridges, (5) floating airports, and (6) oil and gas platforms. Lee Dynamics also offers consulting service in assessing flow-induced vibrations with its proprietary software VIV3D, A-Span, V-Span, and V-Floa. Hydroelasticity is uniquely accounted for in the software. Some of these programs can be licensed. Recent Publications include: (1) "Vortex-Induced Vibration: New Thinking", 2014. Search "vortex-induced vibration" on for a preview. (2) "A Revised Interpretation of Vortex-Induced Vibration", OTC-27550, 2017. (3) "Floating Barriers", US Patent 8807869B1, 2014.

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